HDI PURE FTEC-C1 Replacement Cartridge


Easy to use

The HDI FTEC-C1 Replacement Cartridge assembles easily with every HDI PURE FTEC-1 unit.

Filar Technology

HDI PURE FTEC-C1 has advanced Filar Technology (FilartechTM), which consists of 1,728 specially treated fibers that loop within the unit. Each fiber consists of 3 separate layers and has 1 trillion pores up to 0.1 micron small. These FilartechTM fibers remove dust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, micro-organisms, and microscopic impurities from the water without removing calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals.

Made to last

The cartridge lasts for approximately 12 months based on 20L of purified water per day

When to replace the cartridge

  • When the rate of water flow decreases
  • When an unpleasant chlorine odor remains after purification
  • When the cartridge life is up

How to replace the cartridge

pic replacement

(This takes about 8,000L of water purified, or about 12 months of use if 20L of water is purified per day.)

For more details, please refer to the User Manual of the HDI PURE FTEC-1 series.
Be sure to take note of the replacement date on the seal of the cartridge.

Cartridge specifications

  • Unit Dimension
    Height 14.4 cm X Diameter 11.6 cm
  • Casing Material
    ABS resin
  • Cartridge Material
    Granular activated carbon, activated coral powder, FilartechTM fiber membrane
  • Purification Capacity
    Free residual chlorine:
    Total volume at 8,000L
    (removal rate 80%, Japanese Industrial Standards/JIS S3201 test results)
  • Turbidity:
    Total volume at 8,000L
    (flow rate 50%, JIS S3201 test results)

Recommended cartridge use duration

  • About 12 months if 20L of water is used per day
  • About 8 months if 30L of water is used per day

For best performance, be aware of the following precautions

  • Use tap water only.
  • Lifespan of cartridge depends on the volume, water quality and water pressure
  • Immediately after cartridge replacement, run a slow stream of water through the cartridge for 30 seconds before use.
  • First thing each morning, run water through the unit for 10 seconds once every day before use.
  • Do not run water of over 35°C through the FilartechTM cartridge.
  • Do not run water of over 50°C through the system under any conditions.

For best maintenance results

  • Do not store cartridge in places with strong odors. The cartridge will absorb the odor and lose its purification capacity.
  • Store cartridge in a dry, clean place.
  • Do not open the clear plastic bag containing the cartridge until immediately before use.