HDI PURE FTEC-PC1 Polyfilter Cartridge



  • Unit Dimension
    Height 12.7 cm X Diameter 6.0 cm
  • Cartridge Material
    100% pure polypropylene fibers with true gradient density of up to 5 microns

For best maintenance results

  • Do not store cartridge in places with strong odors.
    The cartridge will absorb the odor and lose its filtration capacity.
  • Store cartridge in a dry, clean place.

Recommended cartridge use duration

The lifespan of the FTEC-PC1 Polyfilter cartridge is about 3-6 months of use depending on the volume, water quality and water pressure.

When to replace the FTEC-PC1 Polyfilter cartridge

  • When the Polyfilter cartridge turns from white/light brown to dark brown
  • When the rate of water flow decreases