Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why is it called HDI PURE FTEC-1?
A : FTEC-1 is the model name. FTEC stands for Filar Technology and the number 1 indicates it is the first in the series of this HDI PURE water purification system.

Q : What guarantees that the purified water by HDI PURE FTEC-1 is safe to drink?
A : The effectiveness of HDI Pure FTEC-1 in purifying water has been proven by the Japan Food Research Laboratories and Sucofindo Laboratories, Indonesia.

Q : What is the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the purified water generated using the HDI PURE FTEC-1 Water Purification System?
A : Total TDS is 307 mg/L of the recommended limit of 1000 mg/L. Hence the TDS value for HDI PURE FTEC-1 is much lesser than the standard allowable TDS value for drinking water according to the Ministry of Health regulations.

Q : Does the water generated from the HDI PURE FTEC-1 unit still need to be boiled in order to be consumed safely?
A : No, the purified water that has been purified using HDI PURE FTEC-1 is completely safe and can be consumed immediately.

Q : Is it okay to store the water that has been purified by HDI PURE FTEC-1?
A : It is not recommended to store the purified water for a long period of time. There is a chance that the container of the purified water could be contaminated by other substances, thus contaminating the purified water in it. It is recommended that the purified water be consumed immediately after being purified by HDI PURE FTEC-1.

Q : Can HDI PURE FTEC-1 be used to purify water from sources other than tap water?
A : No, it is recommended for use with tap water only because other sources of water (e.g., deep wells) may have high levels of contaminants and different areas have different degrees of contamination of untreated water.

Q : Can HDI PURE FTEC-1 remove manganese?
A : The amount of manganese in water that has been purified by HDI PURE FTEC-1 is significantly reduced and much lesser than the allowable standard amount for drinking water. As stated in the test results by Sucofindo, the amount of manganese is less than 0.03 mg/L of the recommended limit of 0.1mg /L.

Q : Is it possible for bacteria to breed inside the cartridge?
A :To avoid bacteria from developing inside the cartridge, it is highly recommended that the unit be used every day. Let water run through HDI PURE FTEC-1 for 10 seconds before using it to rinse the filter and the components therein. If the HDI PURE FTEC-1 is not used for 2 days or more, run the water through the device for 60 seconds before using it.

Q : Can the cartridge be used continuously without replacing it?
A : This is not recommended. The lifespan of a cartridge is 8,000L.

Q : How do we know when the cartridge already needs to be replaced?
A : It is time to change the cartridge when the resulting purified water has less clarity, has a hint of chlorine or the water flow is reduced considerably.

Q : Is there any other indicator on the HDI PURE FTEC-1 unit to show that we need to change the HDI PURE FTEC-C1 (cartridge) unit?
A : It is also time to change the HDI PURE FTEC-C1 cartridge when the four holes or windows on the cartridge showing the Filartech™ fibers are dark brown or black.

Q : What is the water filtration capacity of HDI PURE FTEC-1?
A : HDI PURE FTEC-1 can purify up to 4L a minute without any water wastage depending on the water pressure from the tap.

Q : What is the water purification capacity of HDI PURE FTEC-1 per day?
A : It can purify approximately 20L of water per day; hence, the HDI PURE FTEC-C1 unit (filter cartridge) could last approximately 12 months. However, if filtered water per day is more than 20L, the cartridge’s lifespan would be less than 12 months.

Q : How much water pressure is needed and suitable for use with HDI PURE FTEC-1?
A : The minimum water pressure required for HDI PURE FTEC-1 is 70 KPa or 10psi.

Q : What is “Filartech™”?
A : Filartech™ comes from the words “filar,” which means a series of filaments or structured filaments and “tech,” which is short for technology. Filartech™ is a water filtration technology exclusively owned by HDI.

Q : What is the Filartech™ fiber membrane made of?
A : The Filatech™ fiber membrane is made from polysulfone, which is commonly used in artificial kidneys or hemodialysis.

Q : How many Filartech™ fibers are there in one HDI PURE FTEC-C1 cartridge?
A : One HDI PURE FTEC-C1 cartridge contains 1,728 Filartech™ fibers.

Q : What is activated carbon?
A : It is an activated compound that serves to absorb dirt, impurities and other substances that are unsafe for consumption but are contained in water.

Q : What is reverse osmosis? Does HDI PURE FTEC-1 use this technology?
A : Reverse osmosis (R.O.) is a water purification process that requires extremely high water pressure and electricity. The resulting volume of purified water is very low compared to the original volume due to a large amount of water wastage (up to 85% loss). The process also removes all vitamins and minerals from the water. HDI PURE FTEC-1 does not use R.O. technology. Instead, it uses Filar Technology or Filartech™, which removes bacteria and sediments from the water while retaining the vitamins and minerals. There is no water wastage involved and does not require electricity.

Q : When do we need to change the cartridge of the HDI PURE FTEC-P1 Polyfilter unit?
A : A change of cartridge is needed when the filter cartridge inside the HDI PURE FTEC-P1 Polyfilter unit changes color from white to a brownish shade. This takes approximately 3-6 months of use and depends on the volume, water quality and water pressure.

Q : Why is the HDI PURE FTEC-1 equipped with a Polyfilter unit?
A : The HDI FTEC-P1 Polyfilter unit acts as the initial filtering process for the HDI PURE FTEC-1. It filters large-sized sediments such as sand, dirt and rust particles. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the HDI PURE FTEC-1 Water Purification System.

Q : Where can we purchase the replacement cartridge for both HDI PURE FTEC-1 and HDI PURE FTEC-P1 Polyfilter unit?
A : The replacement cartridge for both the HDI PURE FTEC-1 and HDI PURE FTEC-P1 Polyfilter unit can be purchased at the nearest HDI’s branches, stockists and depots in your city.