About the Product

The HDI PURE FTEC-1 Water Purification System is a water purifier that comes with state-of-the-art Filar Technology.
It has a simple, compact and elegant design with a unique 360-degree swivel nozzle, taking up little space on kitchen countertops.

Via HDI PURE FTEC-1, water undergoes a three-stage water purification process.

Stage 1 consists of a granular activated carbon that acts as a powerful dechlorination agent that also removes unpleasant odors and tastes.
Stage 2 is an activated coral powder layer that increases the alkalinity of the water. It also replenishes minerals in the purified water, giving it a more full-bodied taste.
Stage 3 is HDI’s advanced Filar Technology (Filartech™) consisting of 1,728 specially treated Filartech™ fibers that loop within the unit. Each Filartech™ fiber consists of 3 separate membrane layers that has 1 trillion pores up to 0.1 micron each. Suspended particles, bacteria* and materials of high molecular weight are unable to pass through, leaving only fresh, clean, bacteria-free water and dissolved minerals.

The HDI PURE FTEC-1 Water Purification System is capable of running at low water pressure, does not require a separate holding tank and does not require electricity, providing you with a continuous supply of premium quality drinking water directly from your tap.  This technology is also used in artificial kidneys to help patients in hemodialysis treatments. However, through technological advancements,it is now available to you as the HDI PURE FTEC-1 Water Purification System.


*Laboratory tests show that the unit removes 99.999% of bacteria, meeting the Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA) Voluntary Standards for Water Purifiers.